AirWorks CAD Beta

2D drafting and collaboration tools for aerial imagery

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Easy to use

No more expensive training seminars and hours of practice. AW CAD is simple to use, purpose-built for aerial imagery and only offers the tools that you need to complete your aerial mapping projects.

Double your efficiency

AW CAD is designed to handle large files. Our web-based app saves you valuable time by reducing delays due to loading, panning, buffering, or zooming –all of which are common in desktop CAD software.

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Collaborate with teams

Allow employees to work together with others in your organization on a single project in real-time. Reduce version conflicts, view and share feedback and keep everyone up to date through AW CAD.

What can AirWorks CAD do?

Take a look at the tools available today

With AW CAD, you can now draft over aerial imagery quickly and efficiently with our polylines, boundaries and circles tools. Watch the video to get a walkthrough of all the tools currently available, and stay tuned for new features coming in 2022.

Features and Capabilities

AirWorks CAD is still in beta. What does that mean?

AW CAD is still in beta stages and some functionality might be temporarily limited. We are working on developing and releasing more features as fast as we can. Most of these new capabilities should become available in early 2022.

Available Now
  • Simple drafting tools: polylines, boundaries, circles
  • Measurement tools: area, angle, length/distance
  • Layer management tools: create, edit and manage layer styles and colors
  • Hotkeys: copy, paste, cut, delete
  • Unlimited user creation with ability to assign roles and permissions
  • Unlimited project creation and data storage
Coming Soon
  • Advanced drafting tools: arcs, point annotations, break and join lines
  • Ability to draft directly over satellite imagery
  • Sharing projects with external stakeholders through view-only links
  • Hotkeys: tool-specific shortcuts
  • Collaboration and editing simultaneously with team members
  • Ability to view and draft over 3D datasets
  • AI-powered automated drafting tools

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Designed for drafting over aerial imagery, our new CAD tool gives you only what you need from CAD with all the perks of a web applications. Try AirWorks CAD today, 30-days free, no credit card information required.

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Your subscription includes:

  • Unlimited user creation with ability to assign roles and permissions
  • Unlimited project creation and data storage
  • Simple drafting, measurement and layer management tools