Drafting and collaboration solutions for AEC

AI-powered productivity software for remote sensing data

AirWorks Automate

Get CAD engineering deliverables in record time through our AI-powered and patented feature extraction software.

AirWorks CAD Beta

Turn aerial imagery into CAD drawings and multiply the value of your data. Our 2D drafting solution is purpose-built for fast and simple drafting over aerial imagery.

What makes AirWorks special?

We made the aerial data drafting process simple.

What used to take a team of drafters weeks can now be done in a fraction of the time, at a lower cost.


Companies across the AEC industry trust AirWorks

Working with UAV data is very time consuming and tedious. AirWorks on-line submittal process, quick turn-around time and attention to detail has been extremely useful in our drafting department. Their seamless process has allowed me to focus on my clients' needs. Airworks is truly setting the bar for professional A.I. solutions.

Jon Ham, P.L.S - West Division Survey Manager, Partner

Drafting is a monotonous process and is very resource intensive, files are enormous and you need to have a powerful workstation and need to train people to do it. This all takes away precious resources for a small firm like ours, that could be spent on something else.

We were hoping to see a 70-80% reduction in drafting by using AirWorks, and it certainly happened. The accuracy is there and the fact that we don't have to do it is huge for us.

Adam Bernat, P.L.S., Executive Vice President

We recently used Airworks on a fairly complicated site full of existing homes, roads and heavy vegetation.  The base map provided was of high value and extreme precision.  The speed of delivery was top notch and allowed us to move onto other aspects of the project and meet crucial deadlines.

Shawn Herring, Co-Owner

Our collaboration with AirWorks came from having to extract planimetric features for traditional CAD deliverables from our high-res 2D and 3D models. With AirWorks’ use of AI and manual quality control, we are able to get those deliverables more efficiently and cost-effectively.

J. Todd Henwood, Survey and Geospatial Lead

The autonomous drafting by airworks provides us with a quick and precise base map with surface features and topography that allows us as engineers to focus on the design aspect of our projects.

Trevor Frederick, Project Manager

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