AI-powered software that autonomously converts 2D and 3D aerial data into CAD models

Artificial Intelligence for Engineering

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Why Choose Airworks

We're bringing automation to the drafting process.

About Us

AirWorks aerial mapping software helps land developers and engineers evaluate more job sites within their critical planning and acquisition schedules. Through our proprietary machine learning and aerial mapping technology, AirWorks can convert any aerial dataset into CAD site plans fully autonomously, speeding up the current surveying process by weeks. The AirWorks platform allows clients to find existing information in one centralized database and provides the opportunity to order a detailed aerial site inspection that is cost-efficient with the fastest turnaround time.

How It Works

Our software makes converting aerial data to CAD drawings easy as 1 - 2 -3


Upload your orthomosaic and pointcloud files


Define the site boundaries


Download your CAD files to get QC and cleanup done faster

Our Outputs

Our software autonomously generates topography and maps existing conditions

Currently, we identify features on these layers:

  • _ Topography
  • _ Roads
  • _ Buildings
  • _ Sidewalks
  • _ Pavement Markings
  • _ Vegetation
  • _ Water Surfaces
  • _ Manholes
  • _ Drains
  • _ Solar Panels
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