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We ask that clients upload georeferenced orthophotos (.tif), point cloud files (.las/.laz) and a processing area for project processing (.kml). For 2D only work, orthophotos will be sufficient.
In addition, we currently partner with some of the best off-the-shelf imagery providers in the market through our growing Data Marketplace.
If you do not have data collected for a project, you are able to select a vendor and submit an order for feature extraction directly in our app without the need to purchase a separate subscription.
No! While we have found that the most common type of data we receive is from UAVs/UASs, we are also able to process aerial images collected with manned aircraft and even satellites in some cases. We also accept LiDAR data/point clouds in cases where 3D work is needed.

The most important thing to remember is that the higher altitude the data was collected at, the lower resolution and detail the images will have. So, we can work with it, but might not be able to guarantee our usual level of accuracy.
We deliver projects in an open source, CAD-compatible format (.dxf). You can then use your CAD software of choice to view and make edits to your project. For 3D projects, we also deliver a classified point cloud (.las) along with the CAD drawing.
We do everything possible to make sure that the files we deliver to clients are precise, and they will always be verified by our team of civil engineers and CAD drafters. That being said, we are not certified land surveyors and cannot take legal responsibility for deliverables that are not verified by a certified professional within your company. The biggest factor affecting accuracy is the quality of the input dataset that we are given, which is why a foundation of good data collection is the key to being successful when using AirWorks.
Every project is different, and we try to deliver as fast as possible, but given the variability in projects and time it takes for our team to review and ensure the quality is up to standard, we typically deliver projects in 4-5 business days.

Here is a breakdown of how we calculate the estimated delivery date:
Any type of engineering/land surveying project where you have collected aerial imagery and need feature extraction works for us. We currently only do work above ground, which includes: ALTA surveys, land development, corridor/transportation/highway work, as-builts, and many more. We serve clients within the AEC industry: civil engineering (top 100 ENR firms), land surveying firms, drone service providers, state DoTs, architecture firms, land developers, real estate, and many more.
It’s not magic, it really works! We have a patented model for point identification and categorization, a team of machine learning experts and civil engineers working on labeling and training even more data to further improve the results of our autonomous outputs. We have established human in the loop processes that are very common in all AI companies to ensure accuracy. Every client project is run through our software for processing, and then reviewed and cleaned up by our small team of CAD drafters in-house in Boston.