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Kimley-Horn cut conceptual design fees by 50% on a 3-mile corridor project in Colorado and won a bid to complete 5 more underpasses in 2 months after completing the work.

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CEC completed 8 complex projects on a college campus in Arizona in one month, gaining millions more in work from the same client.

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LightSett sends 30x more engineered miles to permit each month by implementing a tech-first workflow that incorporates LiDAR and autonomous drafting to speed through projects and reduce bottlenecks.

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What is AirWorks?

By putting reliable and actionable data in your hands, we give you the tools to deliver more projects faster. Our geospatial intelligence solution quickly produces linework you can trust. You can depend on our accuracy and quality to keep your team and clients happy, making it easier to grow your business as the market leader.

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Why We’re Different


Get deliverables back in days instead of months, even for large projects. We have the fastest delivery times in the industry.

Quality & Completeness

We never compromise quality. Our deliverables are QC'd and minimize time wasted in the office on rework and corrections.


We're as precise as the data you provide, delivering up to 2-pixel accuracies for most data sets.


Work the way you want to work. We adjust to fit into your workflow. AirWorks is proven to work across industries and with different input data sources.


Allocate your employees' time more efficiently. Take on more work by delivering more projects faster.

Win More Bids

Be known for exceeding expectations, every time with fast and accurate deliverables. Be the market leader by using AirWorks.

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Civil Engineering & Survey





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Projects Delivered Ahead of Schedule

4 days

Average turnaround time

Value We Deliver

Something we looked very closely was the accuracy of the final linework – even comparing it to data we did collect in the field, like curb corners. We had the ground survey crew get a couple of stripes just to compare and the accuracy was very good. That’s a big reason why we keep using AirWorks

Brian Kravets UAS Operations Manager and IT Systems Manager Spaceco Inc.

We were hoping to see a 70-80% reduction in drafting by using AirWorks, and it certainly happened. The accuracy is there, and the fact that we don’t have to do all of that work manually is huge for us.

Adam Bernat, PLS Executive Vice President Johnson Bernat and Associates

So now we fly all of the ALTAs that we have and send them to [AirWorks] to work on that. It’s streamlined our process and allows the project managers to take on more work. That’s where their time is focused on now.

Fabiano Santos Director of Advanced Technologies Allen & Company

It seems to me that using AirWorks to extract linework and features from aerial imagery is a necessary step to continue to push the surveying and mapping industry forward.

Ron Ruben, PLS Project Manager Ruben Surveying & Mapping

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