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What You Get

Our mission is to provide the data intelligence that powers the built world. AirWorks Automate creates actionable and accurate linework from your geospatial data, every time.

Whether you need it for survey-grade construction, fiber installation permitting, impervious surface calculations, or responding to RFPs, our outputs can be used across project types to deliver value to your team and your clients.

Thanks to our patented AI models, every deliverable is within 2-pixel accuracy of any data you provide us, from survey-grade to mapping-grade and beyond.

Don't have data on hand? Our Data Marketplace is the perfect place to source data for our geospatial projects.

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We can work with (almost) all types of data.


Manned Aircraft


(Aerial & Mobile)




Working with AirWorks is fast and easy.


Bring your own data or easily source it from one of our Data Marketplace partners.


Reduce project costs with better resource allocation by letting AirWorks Automate do the tedious work for you.


View and download completed, QC’ed files and quickly move on to other project stages.

How does AI help you deliver more projects faster?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) makes it easier to be faster. With the right tools, you can lean on technology to become more efficient and automate away the time-consuming parts of your job, giving you time back to focus on the tasks that matter the most.

Faster completion of time-consuming tasks = more projects delivered over time.

AirWorks' AI algorithms are built on more than 50 thousand hours of data perpetration by processing and training thousands of acres of geospatial data at varying GSD levels. We put in the work so you don't have to.

AirWorks Automate is covered by the following US Patents:

Patent # 10,719,641

Patent # 11,599,689

See our CEO explain AI's role in the future of

the built world.

Reduce project costs with better resource allocation

With AirWorks Automate, your team is empowered to spend their valuable time on the most valuable tasks. We take care of the rest.

We make it easy to efficiently take on more work, reduce project costs and increase profit margins.

"It’s basically like getting another two drafters for one-tenth of the cost with half the amount of time a person would take and be compensated for."

Survey Department Manager

Sample Project: 50-acre project, 2D + 3D deliverables, 14

layers, urban area.

AirWorks quickly produces linework you can trust.

Get the features you need to make your project successful.

14 layers included in every order.












Water Surfaces

Vegetation - Single

tree, tree line

Concrete Pad


Obstructed View

Vegetation - landscape

area, bushes

Additional layers on request.

Solar Panels


Fire Hydrants

Utility Structures

Utility Poles

Utility Boxes

Overhead Wires

Gravel Roads







And more! If we can see it, we can extract it.
Every project is different. Every use case is different.

The value AirWorks provides stays the same: we give you accurate linework fast.

Every project we deliver includes our 14 standard layers, all of which are created by our AI and QC'd by our team of humans in Boston.

Need more? You can request additional layers directly in AirWorks Automate. If a feature is visible and distinguishable in your dataset, AirWorks can confidently extract it.

Only need a few? Our a-la-carte option lets you handpick only the layers you need so you can get your project back even faster + save costs in the process.

Work the way you want to work with AirWorks Automate.

Case Studies

Ruben Surveying and Mapping

Ruben Surveying shortened drafting of a 52-acre wastewater treatment plant by 85% (from 26 manual hours to 4 hours with AirWorks).

Spaceco, Inc.

Spaceco delivers ALTA survey in 2.5 weeks with aerial mapping + AirWorks, successfully navigating the typical challenges of a survey company: tight deadlines, increasing pressure from their client and a growing backlog of work.

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