AirWorks Automate + CAD

Make sense of your remote sensing data, from data upload to final deliverable

Our software tools are designed with AEC companies in mind. Complete projects faster with our simplified drafting and feature extraction tools.

AirWorks Automate + CAD

Supplement your AI-generated drawings with editing and collaboration

Our two products are designed to work together to optimize your remote sensing, survey or engineering projects.

With AirWorks Automate, you can get CAD deliverables in record time on our ten standard, automated layers. Results are fully validated by our in-house engineering team to guarantee quality. Together with AirWorks CAD, our self-service 2D drafting tool designed to simplify your manual drafting process, you can now complete projects from data upload to deliverable right in one platform.

No need to transfer files from one place to the next. Do it all right in AirWorks.

What can you do with both products?

Complete layers that AirWorks hasn’t automated yet.

We are constantly working on automating new layers beyond those that we already offer, but that takes time. Add layers beyond our standard automated feature classes directly over the final deliverable in our app. You no longer need to switch in between software to complete a project, saving time and reducing costs.

Modify your automated outputs directly in your existing account.

Our templates feature allows you to map your AI-generated drawing directly to your desired CAD standards. With AW CAD, you can now change the layer styling directly in your account, and modify any linework that was created by AW Automate, increasing flexibility and saving your team time completing projects.

Collaborate with teams in real time.

Our app already offers unlimited user accounts and project viewing free of charge. Work together across teams, with project stakeholders or clients, reducing version conflicts and keeping everyone up to date through AW CAD. Share deliverables with relevant parties through our app, no need to download and convert complex file types.*

*AirWorks CAD is still in beta stages, some features, such as project sharing with external stakeholders, will become available in early 2022.